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A Festschrift for Dr. Robert Zucker

On April 29, 2015, the UM Department of Psychiatry and the Addiction Center held a Festschrift, an academic day of presentations honoring Dr. Robert Zucker, Professor of Psychiatry. This was an opportunity to honor Dr. Zucker’s long and productive career and his many contributions to the field of developmental psychopathology, with a specific focus on addictions. Dr. Zucker was Director of the Addiction Center, and Section Director of the Substance Abuse Section, Department of Psychiatry, for 20 years.

This Festschrift was initiated to acknowledge his lifetime impact on substance abuse research, as well as his leadership as the Director of the center and section. Over 100 former and current students, colleagues, and family members of Dr. Zucker attended the event. In addition to his broad influence on the field, former students who attended the Festschrift noted the tremendous influence his mentorship has had on their individual careers and on them personally.