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Erin E. Bonar Ph.D. Lab

Our current projects engage at-risk emerging adults in healthcare settings to examine daily patterns of influence between alcohol, marijuana, and other drug use, HIV risk behaviors, and social cognitive factors. We are using text messaging as a mechanism for tracking these variables over one month. Daily-level data will provide more clues into how quantity and frequency of different substances used impacts risk behavior. In addition, from a research ethics framework, we have conducted a systematic assessment of participants’ perceptions of the risks and benefits of text messaging research on sensitive behaviors. These studies will lead to the development of an intervention aimed at reducing the co-occurrence of substance use and HIV risk behavior in this at-risk population.

We are also excited to have been funded by the UM Injury Center to evaluate a college campus sexual assault prevention program with the overall goal of developing adjunct preventive interventions that consider multiple socio-ecological levels of influence. We also collaborate on studies with other faculty in the department and across the university to develop and evaluate interventions for substance use. Current collaborative projects include a social media delivered intervention designed to reduce alcohol misuse and a brief intervention for at-risk young men who have sex with men to reduce substance use and sexual risk behaviors.